What Our Clients Say About Us


"Melanie offers such a fabulous service and is so lovely to deal with. We especially loved the app integration and the daily updates.

She was even kind enough to extend one of her visits to help us deal with our washing machine that started leaking while she was here. I can only imagine what kind of damage we might have been facing had we not had her to alert us. So grateful and will certainly be using her again. Thank you!" - Renee


 "Purr-fect Paws has been wonderful to work with. We are comfortable going away for lengthier periods knowing our kitty is in such caring hands! He stays home with all his comforts and has Melanie come play with him, feed him and make sure he's happy. Very professional, yet very warm, caring and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend Purr-fect Paws 100% to anyone looking for someone to care for their furr-baby!" - Melissa and Simba 


"Our cats were well-fed and well-loved while we were gone and it showed when we got home. It was great to get the daily reports on how they were doing and our daughter especially loved the regular photos that were sent with the reports! Definitely would not hesitate to recommend Purr-fect Paws to anyone looking for in-home pet care" - Jenn


"Before Purr-fect Paws, we encountered disasters within our home or illness as a result of kennel boarding. Without a doubt, we feel extremely comfortable knowing that our two large boxers are cared for, exercised and loved in our absence. Not only the dogs were in good hands, but our home, plants (inside and out) were watered, all the messes were cleaned up and reported, as well as our lawn was free of doggie "leftovers".  I would never consider anyone else to care for our dogs than Melanie at Purr-fect Paws. Thank you so much!" - Joanne, Bella & Byron


"Thank you so much Melanie! You are awesome! I was very impressed. You are so professional.  What a great idea you had on the first visit. To just lay on the grass and let Abby come to you. I don't know if I would have thought of that. I would not hesitate to get you again. I will highly recommend you to my friends. All the best to you. I'm sure you will do well. I'm so glad Quesnel now has this service you offer.  You go girl! Thanks again!" - Sandra & Abby 


"Melanie was excellent with my 'special' needs dog. Both my dogs are untrained and  spoiled rotten and she had no problems with them. It was the only care that would work for them. They were not compatible with the kennels or with leaving them with friends. She left detailed reports of the visits and was quick to solve problems as they arose. I never worried about my dogs while they where in her care. Thanks for the awesome service" -  Errin, Boo & Icisis


"We moved to Quesnel recently and I had no one to look after my boy, Ben. Ben is an eight year old cat, who has been my baby since I found him abandoned at the approximate age of six months. In our former town, I had friends from work who would look after Ben if I had to be away. Ben can go a day or so without someone looking after him, but he is terribly unhappy with me and lonely. My husband and I were planning our summer vacation but we couldn't go unless I found someone to look after Ben. I asked around and received no help. I found Purr-fect Paws in the phone book and decided to give it a try. I arranged to meet with Melanie and was totally impressed. She asked all the questions that I would have asked and some I had not thought of. She has safeguards in place to protect the security of our home, which I was very pleased to hear. It was also important to my husband and myself that she is insured and bonded. Ben and I both liked her so we were off on vacation. I would stop in local libraries during our vacation and access the internet and there was always an e-mail waiting for me - letting me know how Ben was doing. She is very observant and would let me know if Ben was sniffly or perhaps not feeling up to snuff. I have never had such a good vacation- I was so relieved that Ben was well cared for, that I didn't worry (much) and could actually enjoy our time away. When we returned I was offered a temporary job in a remote mine-fly in/out, where my husband also works. This would mean that I would be away several days a week. Melanie came to the rescue and I was able to accept the employment opportunity. Being a fly in camp in a remote location, the planes are not always able to land or take off. Melanie has been extremely flexible in accommodating changes to my schedule. Melanie is an extremely reliable and caring individual and I would highly recommend her services to any one who requires pet care. She not only makes sure Ben is looked after physically (food, water, treats, etc.) but receives companionship, play, pets, hugs, and love." - Michelle & Ben