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Pets Go Raw - The Healthy Choice

Quality Raw food for your pets!


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Product of the Month



Dog Food


 1/4lb Patties (24lbs) (12pkgs/8 per pkg)

Chicken Full Meal $76.00  
Turkey Full Meal $96.00  
Beef Full Meal $182.00    
Salmon Full Meal $148.00  
Lamb Full Meal $180.00

**NEW** Bison Full Meal $215.00

1/4lb Full Meal Variety packs - (2 Chicken, 2 Salmon, 2 Turkey, 2 Beef per package) $128.00  

1/2 lb Patties (24lbs) (6 PKGS/8 per pkg)

Chicken Full Meal $70.00

Turkey Full Meal $97.00

Beef Full Meal $171.00

Salmon Full Meal $137.00

Lamb Full Meal $171.00

Pork Full Meal $151.00

Beef/Turkey Blend Full Meal $130.00

**NEW** Lamb & Turkey(Power Diet) Full Meal $150.00

**NEW** Quail Quisine $161.00

**NEW** Rabbit Full Meal $189.00

**NEW** Bison Full Meal $210.00

1/2lb Full Meal Variety Packs - (2 Chicken, 2 Salmon, 2 Turkey, 2 Beef, per package) $125.00

**NEW** Gourmet Variety - 1/2 Full Meal (x2 Power Diet, x2 Rabbit Full Meal, x2 Quail Quisine, x2 Bison Full Meal per package) $165.00

Beef/Turkey Blend Veggie/Fruit $127.00

Ground Chicken with Organ Meat $65.00

Ground Turkey with Organ Meat $91.00

**NEW SIZE** Bulk Mini 18 1/2lbs Patties

Chicken Full Meal $23.50

Econo Variety $23.50

25 lb Bulk Case (Aprox 50 Loose Patties)
Chicken Full Meal $62.00  
Turkey Full Meal $86.00  
Beef Full Meal $166.00  
Beef/ Turkey Blend Full Meal $132.00  

Chicken Veggie/Fruit (No supplements added) $60.00  
Turkey Veggie/Fruit (No Supplements added) 83.00  

Ground Chicken/Organ Meat only $58.00  
Ground Turkey/Organ Meat only $80.00  

Economy Variety Pack - 25lb BULK case  - Will contain:  95% of Full Meals in every case plus 5% Protein w/Veggies & Fruit (1/2lb patties loose in case) - $53.00  

5lbs Log (5/case) 25lbs

Chicken Full Meal $56.00  
Turkey Full Meal $75.00  

Chicken Veggie/Fruit $53.00  

Ground Chicken/Organ Meat $50.00  
Ground Turkey/Organ Meat $71.

Cat Food


1/8lb Patties (24lbs)  (12pkg/16 per pkg
Cat Chicken Meal $112.00

Cat Beef Meal $185.00

Cat Salmon Meal $151.00

Cat Turkey Meal $133.00

Cat Mixed Meals (3 chicken, 3 turkey, 3 salmon, 3 Beef) per case $147.00



Pork - Cut Femur (10 - 1.5lb pkgs/16lb case) $70.00 
Pork - Full Femur (8 - 1.25lb pkgs/10lb case) $47.00  

Beef Bones - Small - 3 lb pkg $17.00 / $102.00 18lb case  
Beef Bones - Medium - 5lb pkg $28.00 / $112.00 20lb case  
Beef Bones - Dino - 20-25lb case (5 individually wrapped) $22 per/$112.00 per case 

Lamb Bones - Cut Femur (12 - 1lb pkgs/12lb case) $62.00

Lamb Bones - Mini Dino (12 individually wrapped/8lb case) $43.00

 Chicken Carcasses (10lb case - 10-12 individually frozen) $22.00 

Turkey Necks (15lb case - 24-27 Loose, individually frozen) $43.00 

Soft Treats - 6lb case (12 1/2lb pkgs) x2Chicken, x2 Bacon, x2 Peanut Butter, x2 Beef & Cheese, x2 Lamb & Rice - $6.00 each or $70 per case

Big Bites (Liver) - 6lb case (12 1/2lb pkgs) - $6.00 each or $70.00 per case

Squidal Sticks 3lb case (6 - 1/4lb packages) $14 per/$82.00 per case

Beef Liver Jerky 6lb case (12 - 227g packages) $13 per/$140.00 per case

Bison Liver Jerky 6lb case (12 - 227g packages) $14 per/$150.00 per case

Variety Liver Jerky 6lb case (6 Beef/6 Bison - 227g packages) $145.00

Kelp (6 1lb packages) $10.50 per/$64 per case

Additional Information

​Kamloops is now offering Pets Go Raw!!

Pets Go Raw products is a raw pet food diet made from government inspected, human quality meats, vegetables and fruits. The eggs we use are farm fresh. The supplements are kelp (from the Eastern Coast of Canada). We do not use “seconds”, but purchase the same quality ingredients that you would buy in the grocery store for your own table.

All products are human grade – but are not organic (remember, if someone wants ”organic”, they should be sure it is Canadian Certified Organic and be able to see the certification number on the product). Poultry products are all free of animal by-products, hormones and antibiotics, and are free range. The salmon is wild Pacific salmon. The red meats are free of hormones and antibiotics.

Pets Go Raw makes three levels of dog food/cat food products:

FULL MEALS – consisting of 75% meats and 25% veggie/fruit (carrots, apples, pumpkin, and romaine lettuce). Also includes organ meats, fresh whole eggs with shells and kelp. Meats used are chicken, turkey, beef, bison and wild Pacific salmon. We are also doing a “blend” of beef and turkey. Chicken, turkey and salmon are “bone in”. You should supplement with a suitable oil – preferably animal/fish source and cold pressed.

VEGGIE/FRUIT COMBINATIONS – consisting of 75% meats and 25% veggie/fruit. We use the same veggies and fruits that are in the full meals. Meats used are chicken, turkey, bison and beef. We also do the beef and turkey blend in the veggie/fruit combination. You will want to add liver, eggs and supplements (such as our TOP DRESSING – which is a combination of alfalfa and kelp), as well as a cold pressed oil (preferably animal/fish source).

GROUND MEATS – consisting of ground meats with organs. Proteins used are chicken, turkey, and a 50/50 blend of Beef/Turkey. This can be the basis for your own recipe for a diet.

Why Go Raw?

Promotes better health which leads to a longer and happier life. Less food related and allergy problems “Raw” food offers the full nutrition and digestive enzymes pets need, with vitamins, minerals, etc. supplied in a natural way and not by processed additives. Chewing exercise, gotten from chewing chicken and turkey necks, chicken carcasses and other raw bones, is good for both cleaning teeth and satisfying the natural urge to chew.

Our single source protein makes it easy to do an elimination diet to determine allergies

Frozen Raw Food eliminates the need for preservatives (needed in all dry foods) and cooking (which destroys some of the naturally occurring vitamins and minerals – which means they must be added back with processed products).

The dog’s immune system is designed to handle bacteria such as salmonella. If dogs are fed nothing but heat sterilized food, you are depriving them of the opportunity to develop an immune response to these and other organisms.

How Much to Feed Your Dog?

A “general rule” is to feed a mature dog approx. 2% of ideal body weight. – 25 LB = 0.5lb per day – 50 LB = 1.0lb per day – 75 LB = 1.5lbs per day – 100 LB = 2.0lbs per day  

  • Keep an eye on weight gain or loss and adjust food intake accordingly. Active dogs may need more food. Dogs with a higher metabolism need more food. Seniors often need less.
  • You should use the “rib” test often – you should be able to readily feel your dog’s ribs, but they should have some flesh on them, and not be too pronounced.  
  • Puppies and growing young dogs should be fed about 5% of their body weight. Puppies, like all young things, grow in “fits and starts” and so you must adjust constantly, feeding more when in a growth spurt and less when not. Nothing should be “written in stone”. Watch your pets’ weight and condition and adjust amounts accordingly.

How Much to Feed Your Cat? 

A “RULE OF THUMB” is to feed mature cat approx. 4% of ideal body weight. – 6lb cat = 4oz (1/4lb) per day – 12lb cat = 8oz (1/2lb) per day  

  • Keep an eye on weight gain or loss and adjust food intake accordingly. Kittens/younger cats, active cats or cats with a higher metabolism may need more food. Older cats and seniors often need less.  

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